20-21.04.2022 4-5 класс Пригласительный школьный этап по английскому языку 2022-2023

Задания и ответы пригласительного этапа 2021 года ВОШ (Сириус) по Английскому языку для 4-5 класса всероссийская олимпиада школьников, дата проведения онлайн олимпиады: 20-21.04.2022 (20-21 апреля 2022 г.).

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Task 1
Вам предстоит выполнить два задания по аудированию. Оба задания записаны в одном файле (включая инструкции, паузы и повторы). После выполнения задания 1 поставьте запись на паузу, перейдите на страницу с заданием 2 и продолжите выполнение задания 2 по аудированию.

Listen to the text and mark the sentences 1–5 True or False.

1Vladimir was founded by Prince Vladimir Monomakh and became the capital of South-Eastern Russia in the 12th century.True or False
2Suzdal is a great place to visit if you like walking.True or False
3Kostroma is situated where three rivers join together.True or False
4Lake Nero has National Park status.True or False
5Peter the Great founded a library of religious books at the largest monastery in Russia.True or False

Task 2

Listen to the text again and match descriptions from the left column with the places mentioned from the text in the right column.

Выберите нужную позицию в левом поле, кликнув по ней, затем кликните в правом поле по выбранной вами позиции (протянется линия). Если хотите изменить ответ, нажмите на точку в любом из полей (линия исчезнет, и вы сможете провести новую).

Task 3

There are five gaps in the text below. Read it and decide which sentence A–E best fits each gap 1–5 in the text.

A. Soon I found I could not make enough money.

B. I sailed for three years and a half on that ship and made voyages to the Mediterranean Sea and some other parts of the world.

C. I walked nearly a mile in the water before I got to the shore.

D. For a long time the weather was fine.

E. I got into a boat with five sailors, but soon our boat was overturned by a great wave.

Gulliver’s Travels

My father had a small house in Nottinghamshire. I was the third of five sons. When I was seventeen years old, I was sent to Mr. James Bates, a well-known doctor in London, with whom I worked and studied for four years.
When I left Mr. Bates, I began to work as a ship doctor on the Swallow. (1) After that I decided to stay in London.
I bought a part of a small house and married Miss Mary Burton. But life in London was not easy. (2) . I spoke to my wife and some of my friends, and decided to become a ship doctor again.
I agreed to go with Captain William Prichard, who was making a voyage to the South Seas on board the Antelope. We started from Bristol on the 4th of May, 1699. (3) . But when we were sailing across the Indian Ocean, a terrible storm began which carried our ship to the east for many days. Twelve of our sailors died of hard work and bad food, the others were ill. On the 5th of November which was the beginning of summer in those parts, our ship struck a rock. (4) I cannot tell what became of my companions, and of those sailors who remained on the ship and on the rock, but I think that they were all drowned. I swam where the wind and the waves carried me.
I was very tired, but just when I could swim no more, I felt the bottom with my feet. (5)  I walked a little inland, but didn’t see any houses or people. I lay on the grass, which was very short and soft, and slept more than nine hours.

Task 4

Read the article about learning to snowboard. Choose the best word for each space. There is an example at the beginning (0).


Learning to snowboard

If you want to learn to snowboard, (0) the first thing you need to do is book (1) lessons. It’s a good idea to have lessons with a snowboard school (2) you need to learn the right way to snowboard. You will have much (3) fun learning with other people as well.
Indoor snow schools usually (4) you a snowboard, boots and a helmet to wear on your head (5) lessons. The indoor centres are cold and use real snow, so warm clothes are important. It’s not a good idea to wear jeans because (6) get wet easily.
If you learn outside on a mountain, you (7) to take your own board and boots or rent them. You will (8) need sunglasses, gloves and a helmet.

Task 5

Read the English phrases below. Find the right Russian equivalent for each of them. There is an example for you.

Выберите нужную позицию в левом поле, кликнув по ней, затем кликните в правом поле по выбранной Вами позиции (протянется линия). Если хотите изменить ответ, нажмите на точку в любом из полей (линия исчезнет, и вы сможете провести новую).

Task 6

Read the words below 1–14. Each word is spelt incorrectly. To write the correct spelling use the box with their Russian equivalents which will help you to understand the meaning of these English words. There is an example for you (0).

В поле ответа запишите ТОЛЬКО ОДНО слово. Слова с орфографическими ошибками и опечатками не засчитываются.

кофеверитьпогодапотому чтоодежда
горыканикулымаслодругой/инойосмотр достопримечательностей
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