14.12.2022 Британский бульдог British Bulldog 2 класс задания и ответы (конкурс по английскому языку)

British Bulldog или Британский Бульдог — международный игровой конкурс по английскому языку проводимый для школьников со 2 по 11 классы по всей России. На сайте представлены официальные задания и ответы

1. Who is writing the letter
A — Sue
B — Ann
C — Emma
D — Helen
2. Who is she? She is a
A — student
B — doctor
C — manager
D — teacher
3. Where does she live? She lives
A — in London
B — in a small village
C — in a little town
4. What pet does she have?
A — A dog
B — A cat
C — A horse
D — A rabbit
5. What is its name?
A- Jane
B — Baby
C — Cori
D — Penny
Посмотри на слова и выбери те, в которых буква “g” читается как [d3]
6. A- go B-gym C-god D game
7. A-pig B-big C-page D- grow
8. A-cage B-gun C-gate D-goat
9. A-frog B-grey C-green D-large
10. A-bag B-age C-glass D-guitar
Выбери слово и поставь его вместо многоточия, чтобы получилось правильное прдложение
11. Meg … a very big dog
A — are
B- is
C- am
D- have
12. What colour… the walls?
A — is
B — be
C — are
D — am
13. What time… it?
A — is
B — be
C- are
D — am
14. I… a manager.
A — am
B — has
C- does
D- are
15. I… want to read this book.
A — dont
B- arent
C- doesnt
D- be not
16. How many people can you see?
A) 2 B) 3
C) 4 D) 5
17. What is the girl doing? She is…
A) running
c) jumping
B) sitting
D) swimming
18. What is the father doing? He is .
C) eating
D) sleeping
19. What is the boy wearing?
A) AT-shirt B) A dress
C) A coat D) A sweater
20. Where are the mom and the baby?
They are in the
A) shop B) park C) garden D) house
21. Yellow, green, grey, black, red
A) Colours
B) Clothes
C) Family
D) animals
22. Frog, cow, horse, pig, cat
A) Animals
C) Plants
D) Family
23. Sister, brother, mother, grandfather, uncle
B) Birds
C) Food
D) Plants
24. Coat, T-shirt, dress, skirt, blouse
A) Animals
B) Birds
C) Colours
S) Clothes
25. Cheese, milk, apples, bread, sweet
A) Colours
B) Birds
C) Plants
D) Food
26. There are… on the shelf.
A) clocks
B) Teddy bears
C) books
D) bananas
27. There is a … on the wall.
A) plate
B) cat
C) lamp
D) picture
28. There is a … on the table.
B) cup
C) lamp
D) clock
29. There is …above the table.
C) sofa
D) clock
30. There are the… in front of the sofa.
A) windows
B) slippers
C) books
D) pictures

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