14.12.2022 Британский бульдог British Bulldog 3-4 класс задания и ответы (конкурс по английскому языку)

British Bulldog или Британский Бульдог — международный игровой конкурс по английскому языку проводимый для школьников со 2 по 11 классы по всей России. На сайте представлены официальные задания и ответы

1. What does the boy like about the girl?
A) shoes
B) hairdo
C) bag
D) dress
2. What party is the girl going to have at
A) A Halloween
B) An Easter
C) A New Year
 D) A Christmas
3. When will the children have a competition?
A) At 3 o’clock
B) At three thirty
С) At a quarter to 3
D) At a quarter past 3
4. What does the boy wish the girl?
A) Good luck!
B) Bon appétit!
C) To be careful!
D) To enjoy herself!
5. Where is the girl’s school situated?
A) Near the library
B) Far from the library
C) In the bank
D) Opposite the bank

Read the dialog and answer the questions
Steve: How long are you staying in London?
Anna: I’m going to stay for a fortnight and then I’m going to visit my relatives in Wales. They don’t live in London any more. I will spend a few days with them.
Steve: Are you coming back to London after that?
Anna: Yes, I’ll be back for a few days before I catch my plane home to Italy. I hope that the weather will be good by then.
Steve: I’m sure it will be warm and sunny. Could we meet before you fly home?
Anna: Yes, I’d love to. We can have lunch together.
Steve: Okay, do you remember the café where we were last year?
Anna: Of course, I do.
Steve: Let’s meet there at five o’clock. Good-bye!
Anna: See you

6. Where do Anna’s relatives live? They live in….
A) Wales
B) London
C) England
D) Italy
7. How many days is Anna going to spend in London before leaving for Wales?
A) A week
B) Two week
C) One day
D) A few days
8. Where does Anna live now? She lives
A) Northern America
B) Australia
C) Southern Europe
D) Russia
9. What will Anna and Steve do when they meet? They will….
A) go to the cinema
B) walk around London
C) eat at the café
D) go to the museum
10. When did Anna and Steve meet in London before?
A) At 5 o’clock
B) Next year
C) Yesterday
D) Last time
11. Why… wearing your dress now?
A) do you
B) you are
C) aren’t you
D) was you
12. I have got… friends at school.
A) a lot
B) much
C) little
D) some
13…. the girl’s hair long?
A) Has
B) Does
C) Are
D) Is
14. That’s the boy… is my friend.
A) which
B) whom
C) who
D) with whom
15. Where… you yesterday?
A) are
B) was
C) be
D) were
16. My father is …
A) a artist
B) an artist
C) the artist
D) artis
17. This is … where Jack lives.

A) a houses
B) an house
C) he house
D) house
18…. is the longest river in Europe.
A) A Volga
B) An Volga
C) The Volga
D) Volga
19. I want to go to… one day.
A) a London
B) an London
C) the London
D) London
20. I have … who is ten
B) an brother
A) a brother
D) brother
C) a brothers
Guess the riddles
21. What is white and made out of snow?
A) Father Frost
B) Snow White
C) Santa Claus
D) A snowman
22. They stand next to each other and yet they cannot see each other.
A) Eye brows
B) Eyes
C) Ears
D) Cheeks
23. In what month do children talk least?
A) In May
B) In June
C) In July
D) In February
24. The unusual entrance through which Santa usually comes in.
A) Door
B) Window
C) Chimney
C) Cellar
25. What has two arms and four legs?
A) A table
B) An armchair
C) A ladder
D) A door
26. How many pupils are there in the classroom?
A) Three
B) Six
C) Seven
D) One
27. What is the time now? It’s….
A) 12 o’clock
B) half past 9
C) 9 o’clock
D) 15 to 9
28.What does the teacher have in her hand?
A) A globe
B) A pen
D) A teacher’s pointer
C) A book
29. What is there in the centre on the wall?
A) A map
B) A picture
C) A shelf
D) A table
30. Which is the odd word? There are… on the desks.
A) pens
B) toys
C) notebooks
D) books

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