14.12.2022 Британский бульдог British Bulldog 5-6 класс задания и ответы (конкурс по английскому языку)

British Bulldog или Британский Бульдог — международный игровой конкурс по английскому языку проводимый для школьников со 2 по 11 классы по всей России. На сайте представлены официальные задания и ответы

1. Where is the International Clothes Show?
A) In Big Ben
B) In Scotland
C) In Africa
D) At the Royal Lion Hotel
2. When will the show start?
A) At ten to eight
B) At eight
C) At eight thirty
D) In fifteen minutes
3. What can they see in the first part of the show? Clothes for….
A) aged people
B) middle-aged people
C) newborns
D) youngsters
4. Who will show clothes on the catwalk?
A) Cats and dogs
B) Boys and girls
C) Designers
D) Nobody
5. What colour are the jackets?
A) Red
B) Orange
C) Purple
D) Blue
6. At what time is it possible to see skirts, cardigans and jumpers?
A) At ten to eight
B) At eight
C) At half past eight
D) In fifteen minutes
7. Where are the jumpers from?
A) From Africa
B) From Europe
C) From Asia
D) From America
8. Why will they stop the show for a while?
A) To have a snack
B) To go home
C) To change clothes
D) To try on new clothes
9. How long will the break last?
A) 10 minutes
B) 15 minutes
C) Half an hour
D) One hour
10. What are the people prohibited to do during the show?
A) To watch the show
B) To enjoy themselves
C) To take photos
D) To rise to their feet

Read the text and answer the questions
Crocodiles are large reptiles. Some of the largest crocodiles grow to the length up to 7 metres. Their skin is very thick and is covered with hard and rough scales. All crocodiles live near water, whether it is
a swamp or marshy area, lake or river, and they spend a great part of their time there. Being able to walk quite easily on their large flat feet, they can manage to run if necessary and sometimes slide on their stomachs. In the water they are strong swimmers. When swimming a crocodile places its limbs against its body and propels through the water by swinging its massive tail from side to side. They will often stay wholly still in the water for long periods with their bodies below the surface of th ewater. Only their nose, ears and eyes are visible, asthese are all on top of the head. Although they need to breathe air, crocodiles have the ability to dive beneath the water and remain there for some time. It’s interesting that crocodiles swallow their prey most of the time and their eyesight is excellent, but it improves in the evening. During dry seasons some crocodiles sleep in small borrows dug up by them in the river banks or at the bottom of drying ponds.

11. Which is one of the crocodiles’ habitats?
A) Deserts
B) Mountains
C) Swamps
D) Steppe
12. Where do crocodiles spend most of their life?
A) In the mountains
B) Under the ground
C) In the water
D) In the desert
13. How can crocodiles move on ground? They can …
A) jump
B) fly
C) slide
D) jog
14. What are crocodiles very good at?
A) Jumping
B) Swimming
C) Jogging
D) Flying
15. Which part of their body is more helpful for swimming?
A) Paws
B) Head
C) Tall
D) Eyes
16. Which part of their body can you often see over the surface of the water?
A) Sharp teeth
B) A tail
C) The stomach
D) The nose
17. Do the crocodiles need air?
A) Yes, they don’t
B) No, they do
C)Yes they do
B) No, they do
D) No, they are
18. What do crocodiles do with their prey most of the time? They… their prey.
A) chew
B) strangle
C) cut into pieces
D) swallow

19. What becomes better in the evening than it is usually? The crocodiles’….
A) appetite
B) breathing
C) ability to see
D) ability to sleep
20. When do some crocodiles fall asleep?
A) When it’s cold
B) When it doesn’t snow
C) When it’s windy
D) When it doesn’t rain
21. Sofia’s birthday is… April 7th.
A) in
B) at
C) for
D) on
22…. any messages for me?
A) is there
B) Will there
C) Are there
D) Was there
23. It… all day long yesterday.
A) was rained
B) raining
C) rained
D) has rained
24. He passed his English exam very….
A) easy
B) easier
C) good
D) easily
25. She has never… to New York.
A) go
B) was
C) been
D) went
26. There are many… in the Russian forests.
A) deer
B) deers
C) deeres
D) deerz

27. Go…, we are all listening.
A) along
B) ahead
C) forward
D) hack
28 The rain was so… that they decided to stay at home.
A) huge
B) gigantic
C) enormous
D) heavy
29. What… in that bag?
A) does he got
B) has he get
C) has he got
D) he has got
30. He is interested… music.
A) at
B) about
C) in
D) on
Guess the riddles
31. What invention lets you look right through a wall?
A) Eye glasses
B) A telescope
C) A window
D) A magnifier

32. What goes up when the rain comes down?
A) The sun
B) Moon
C) Wishes
D) An umbrella
33. What wears a jacket, but no pants?
A) A book
B) A box
C) A banana
D) A cucumber
34. What has a bark, but no bite?
A) A dog
B) A cat
C) A puppy
D) A tree
35. What is it that never was, never will be and yet is?
A) Tomorrow
B) Today
C) Yesterday
D) Last year
36. It is running night and day, but it never runs away
A) Weather
B) Money
C) Health
D) A clock

37. What gets beaten and whipped, but never cries?
A) Pasta
B) Cream
C) An egg
D) Porridge
38. What runs but never walks?
A) Time
B) A lesson
C) A footballer
D) A river
39. A Jack of all trades is master of
A) nothing
B) none
C) neither
D)no one
40. What kind of room has no duors or windows?
A) Bathroom
B) Mushroom
C) Cloakroom
D) Hall
41. What are the people doing? They are…
A) enjoying themselves
B) reading books
C) jogging along the coast
D) playing football
42. What are two boys in the foreground doing? They are….
A) windsurfing
B) playing with a ball
C) sunbathing
D) swimming
43. What can you see in the top left-hand comer of the picture?
A) Some birds
B) Three clouds
C) A plane
D) Many houses
44. What kinds of trees grow on the shore?
A) Firs
B) Palms
C) Birches
D) Maples
45. Which are the best words to describe the Weather?
A) Boiling hot and sunny
B) Cool and cloudy
C) Rainy but not windy
D) Cold and foggy

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