14.12.2022 Британский бульдог British Bulldog 7-8 класс задания и ответы (конкурс по английскому языку)

British Bulldog или Британский Бульдог — международный игровой конкурс по английскому языку проводимый для школьников со 2 по 11 классы по всей России. На сайте представлены официальные задания и ответы

1. When does the Greenham Family Festival take place? In….
A) spring
B) summer
C) autumn
D) winter
2. Who are the first performers to appear on the
A) The drummers
B) The singers
C) The jazzmen
D) The guitarists
3. Where are these performers from?
A) California
B) They are local citizens
C) Nigeria
D) London
4. Who is the local performer?
A) The Bundy Boys
B) The Jarrow Jazz Band
C) Shady Sisters
D) Amy Brownlow
5. Which musical instrument does Amy Brownlow play? The….
A) drum
B) guitar
C) piano
D) violin
6. When does the Jarrow Jazz Band appear on the stage?
A) At 5 p.m.
B) At 5 a.m.
C) After the break
D) Later in the evening!
7. Whose latest CD can the people buy?
A) The drummers’
B) The singer’s
C) The sisters’
D) The jazzmen’s
8. What can you not buy at the stalls around the park
A) Food
B) Drinks
C) Toys
D) Clothes
9. How much does the portrait cost?
A) Two pound
B) A pound and a half
C) One pound
D) It’s free
10. What will be at the end of the festival?
A) Fireworks
B) Disco
C) Gala concert
D) Meeting

Read the text and fill in the most suitable word.
Once, a beautiful maple tree grew in the centre of a large park. All summer it was … (11) with green leaves. Many people sat on the green grass under it and enjoyed its cool … (12). But along with the fall came a … (13) in the maple tree. Its green leaves began to … (14) red and yellow.So everyone said, “How beautiful … (15)!” The maple tree was glad to hear it and she became… (16) and vain. She spread out her branches sofar that a little pine close by was almost hidden from … (17). “It doesn’t matter,” said the maple, “No one cares to look at him, he is … (18) plain little tree.” The pine heard the unkind words and sighed. Just then a cold wind passed and said, “Why do you sigh, little pine?” The pinereplied, “I sigh because the maple is so … (19) beautiful than I am.” The wind felt sorry for him and whispered, “Only wait!” In a few days the leaves of the maple tree turned brown and fell to the ground. When the snow came, there was but one bright cheerful spot in the whole park, the brave pine with the needles … (20) they were when they first came out.

11. A) spread
B) covered
C) planked
D) drowned
12. A) shade
B) roots
C) purity
D) shadow
13. A) change
B) desease
C) disaster
D) destruction
14. A) revoke
B) have
C) turn
D) acquire
15. A) the tree
B)is the tree
C) the tree is
D) the tree was
16. A) violent
B) proud
C) successful
D) independent
17. A) scene
B) sight
C) scenery
D) look
18. A) so
B) such
C) such a
D) so a
19. A) much
B) more
C) the most
D) much more
20. A) So green
B) as green as
C) green as
D) such green
21. She is taller
A) than he
B) him
C) than he is
D) than his

22. She had to have her phone number… because she was receiving obscene calls.
A) change
B) changed
C) to change
D) will change
23…. the end, he agreed with his mother
A) At
B) About
C) In
D) On
24. Many drivers avoid… in traffic.
A) to drive
B) drive
C) driving
D) drove
25.1 am so smart,…
A) am I
B) are you
C) am not I
D) arent I
26 Mater the pictures… the names, please.
A) with
B) at
C) on
D) into
27-Mind the traffic… you
A) do
B) did
C) have
D) will
28. Can you make your son… more agreeable?
A) to be
B) being
C) be
D) was
29. Before he became ill, he… play tennis every morning.
A) got used
B) was used
C) used
D) used to
30. She … her head and didnt look up at me
A) didnt raise
B) didnt rise
C) didnt rose
D) rose
31. Where does Friday come before Thursday?
A) In the timetable
B) In the school diary
C) In the calendar
D) In the dictionary
32. What often falls and never gets hurt?
A) Mood
B) A skater
C) A clumsy man
D) Snow
33. Everyone in the world break me when they speak every time.
A) Privacy
B) Rumours
C) Secret
D) Silence
34. What loses its head in the morning and gets world is
it back at night?
A) Blanket
B) Coach potato
C) Sleepy head
D) Pillow

35. I exist when there is light, but direct light kills me. What am I?
A) Shadow
B) Day
C) Image
D) Imagination
36. What comes down but never goes up?
A) Mood
B) Intuition
C) Clouds
D) Rain
37. How many months have 28 days?
A) 0
B) 1
C) 10
D) 12
38. What has a bark but no bite?
A) A tree
B) A dog
C) A cat
D) A flower
39. What can you catch but not throw?
A) A ball
B) A balloon
D) Warm
C) Cold
40. What goes around the world without leaving its corner?
A) A letter
B) An envelope
C) A post box
D) A stamp

41. The British Parliament occupies the…
A) Buckingham
B) Westminster
C) St James’s
D) Kensington
42. The Museum of London is situated in this part of the city.
A) West End
B) The City
C) East End
D) Westminster
43. One of the largest Maritime Museums in the Uworld is situated in this part of the city.
A) Barbican Centre
B) Greenwich
C) Westminster
D) West End
44. The … on the residence of the monarch means that the sovereign is in.
A) Union Jack
B) Royal Standard
C) Flag of England
D) Flag of Wales
45. This British queen who lived in London was often called «The Grandmother of Europe”
A) Mary
B) Victoria
C) Elizabeth 1
D) Elizabeth 2

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