14.12.2022 Британский бульдог British Bulldog 9-11 класс задания и ответы (конкурс по английскому языку)

British Bulldog или Британский Бульдог — международный игровой конкурс по английскому языку проводимый для школьников со 2 по 11 классы по всей России. На сайте представлены официальные задания и ответы

1. What is the headmaster’s name?
A) Mrs Bolton
B) Mr Bolton
C) Mr Ward
D) MRS Ward
2. What do the headmaster and the woman want to discuss?
A) The pupils’ progress at school
B) The trip
C) The lessons
D) The timetable
3. How long does the Bluebell Line Railway run for?
A) Less than 34 km
B) 34 km
C) More than 40 km
D) 40 km
4. When is the Bluebell Line Railway open?
A) in winter
B) All the year round
C) Only is summer
D) From April to the end of autumn
5. What are Grime’s Graves?
A) Tombs
B) Craters
C) Canyons
D) Caverns
6. When did Grime’s Graves appear?
A) In 1865
B) In 1899
C) In 1873
D) Several thousand years ago
7. Where does the headmaster suggest going to?
A) Tower of London and Dover Castle
B) Bluebell Line Railway and Fairground Museum
C) Grime’s Graves and Fairground Museum
D) Bluebell Line Railway and Dover Castle
8. What does the woman not like about going to
the Fairground Museum? It’s….
A) closed in spring
B) opened all the year round
C) for kids
D) opened only in winter
9. Where did they decide to go after all? To…
A) Tower of London
B) Fairground Museum
C) Grime’s Graves
D) Dover Castle
10. Which is not the reason in favour of the trip to Dover Castle?
A) It’s close to school
B) They can go there in spring
C) There’s a discount
D) The castle was built 5,000 years ago

Read the text. For each space choose the correct answer

People often worry about the effects of new technology. Not surprisingly, video games are no … (11). They are frequently … (12) for a range of social problems, while the benefits they can provide are seldom mentioned. In fact, video games are entertaining with new ways of playing which … (13) to a wider … (14); they can be educational, enabling children (and adults) to … (15) in innovative learning. It is often thought that people who play computer games are lonely souls, rarely at … (16) in the company of others. However, while that may have been the case when gaming was … (17) a single-player activity, this is far less so now. The games industry, responding to the needs of an increasingly diverse audience, is bringing out products that not only offer, but actually … (18) on collaboration, interaction and teamwork. This collaboration may be with a group of people gathered around the same computer or online, with players from all corners of the world joining in. The solitary pursuits of the past have been almost completely replaced by interactive environments that are so socially rich that winning the games may become … (19) to collaboration, networking and self-discovery. Indeed, it can be argued that these multiplayer games, far from keeping people … (20) actually help to bring people together.

11. A) example
B) exclamation
C) exception
D) contradiction
12. A) blamed
B) accused
C) absolved
D) found faults
13. A) appeal
B) repel
C) addressed
D) interesting
14. A) society
B) eyewitnesses
C) publicity
D) audience
15. A) intend
B) exclude
C) introduce
D) engage
16. A) ease
B) relaxation
C) quietness
D) inspiration
17. A) not
B) predominantly
C) at random
D) accidentally
18. A) unite
B) depend
C) suggest
D) include
19. A) first
B) secondary
C) third
D) example
20. A) aloof
B) absorbed
C) apart
D) interested
21. I have never witnessed anything like this before…. has my sister.
A) Either
B) Neither
C) Too
D) So

22. This street… be very dark until the new lights were installed
A) used
B) used to
C) was used
D) got used
23. We saw the man… the house.
A) to leave
B) was living
C) left
D) leave
24. If he lived in London, he … better English.
A speaks
B) would speak
C) spoke
D) had spoken
25. Every man, woman and child… invited.
A) is
B) are
C) been
D) have

26. My sister reminded me… late for the ceremony
A) don’t be
B) not be
C) not to be
D) not being
27. Some sea creatures live in the most… places
A) likeable
B) likely
C) unlikely
D) disliking
28. Do you remember… me about the lost pen?
A) ask
B) asking
C) to ask
D) asked
29. If they… to post the letter, we might have got it in time.
A) Forgot
B) B) didn’t forget
C) won’t forget
D) hadn’t forgotten
30. I would rather he… there.
A) went
B) goes
C) will go
D) to go
31. A) To stare
B) To watch
C) To glance
D) To stammer
32. A) To laugh
B) To smile
C) To giggle
D) To gargle
33. A) To bother
B) To utter
C) To whisper
D) To shout
34. A) To deal
B) To crawl
C) To roam
D) To jog
35. A) To cry
B) To sob
C) To wipe
D) To weep
36. A) To swim
B) To dig
C) To sail
D) To float
37. A) To sneeze
B) To cough
C) To vomit
D) To vary
38. A) To grate
B) To raise
C) To mince
D) To scramble
39. A) To boil
B) To browse
C) To delete
D) To load
40. A) To bark
B) To growl
C) To grab
D) To bray
Who are these characters created by?
41. Jane Eyre
A) Emily Brontë
B) Charlotte Brontë
C) Joanne Rowling
D) Jane Austen
42. Ebenezer Scrooge
A) Charles Dickens
B) Rudyard Kipling
D) Walter Scott
C) Daniel Defoe
43. Miss Marple
A) Anne Brontë
B) Daphne du Maurier
C) Agatha Christie
D) Virginia Woolf
44. Ivanhoe
A) Walter Scott
B) Jonathan Swift
C) George Orwell
D) James Aldridge
45. Scarlet O’Hara
A) Harriet Beecher Stowe
B) Harper Lee
C) Joyce Carol Oates
D) Margaret Mitchell

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